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Has anyone else out there seriously considered murdering one or all of the employees for Time Warner Cable?  That's where I'm at with the bastards- the end of my goddamn rope.  It's bad enough that they can't do any better than to give you an 8 hour window when the shitty subcontracted installation/"repair" guy may or may not show up, but then when the guy does show (40 minutes passed his more than ample time slot) and doesn't fix the problem, and then you call them on the phone, wait on hold for 30 minutes, and they basically say "tough shit, wait around another day for the guy to show again or come down to the office...", THEN you go down to the office to get the modem they assure you will fix the problem, get it home only to realize that these fucking retards gave you the completely wrong modem that won't work.  Holy shit, I wanna kill somebody over there.  Someone please talk me down........
I mean seriously, this is not the first time I've complained to them about how fucking terrible the service is over there, and I swear they just do NOT care in the least.  I'm wasting my precious breathe and blowing my blood pressure thru the roof getting furious about how much of my time they waste.  Can anyone say "monopoly"?  Shit, I'm disgusted....

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One question- WHY in the hell do white people always write books and make movies that change history to show themselves in the most favorable light?  I just finished watching The Last King of Scotland, and while overall I enjoyed Forest's performance, I am completely UNNERVED by the 100% fictional bullshit white hero character they inserted into this story.  As if the story wasn't interesting enough without this witty snot nosed wife snogging Scot's presence.  Do you know how many stupid people are gonna watch that film and accept it as historical fact?  Way too many.  This shit pisses me off to no end, and especially because of the way the film ends, leaving you to believe that it's the good (white) doctor who escapes to expose the horrors of Amin's regime.   This ain't what happened folks.  Just like in that goddamn "Power of One" bullshit movie/book.  The noble white man comes and saves the savage helpless Africans.  Fucking get over yourself.  I couldn't help but want to slap the living shit out the director and his posse as watched them justifying all this in the special features which I just had to watch to see what these knuckleheads had to say for themselves.  One guy had the nerve to suggest that it was 90% fact and only 10% fiction- Git the fuck outta here!  More like 10% fact and 90% fiction.  Jesus fucking Christ, this shit is almost as annoying as all those stupid white cop black cop buddy movies.  Hollywood is a piece of shit and perpetuate so many stereotypes and nontruths, but I guess ultimately it's up to us to sort out the bs.....

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Ok, so I was accused by a certain someone that I won't name (but her user name rhymes with "gorilla") of being an LJ "lurker".   Well the truth is I haven't had much time to actually post any real thoughts on here.  I mean Christ, between ebay, allmusic.com, and this thing called a "job", how can anybody be expected to really think much less write it down for strangers to read?  My lurking days are over and I'm officially posting a journal entry, my first since getting on here.  If anybody has been to my myspace page this might be a rerun for you.....


Those of you who know me, know that I just love a sad song.  The sadder the better.  Sad love songs are great, but just about anything will do.  I can't really say what it is that draws me into them, but I just can't help it.  Especially on days when I'm feeling sad myself.  Maybe I'm secretly an emotionally masochist?  Trust me, I've had enough bad relationships that the thought has definitely crossed my mind.  Really, I think it's just the fact that I can somehow relate to those feelings of pain and loss, more so than ones of happiness and joy.  Not that I'm all tragic and shit- I still instantly perk up if you were to play, say Earth Wind and Fire's "Shining Star".  But there's something that just grabs me and rings out the empathy when I hear someone out on a limb, hurting, about to give up.  It just make the world feel a little less lonely of a place.   Here's a short list of some of my favorite heartwrenchers.  Please feel free to share yours too:

"Moonshiner"- Bob Dylan

"I Got it Bad & That Ain't Good"- Nina Simone

"My Mom"- Chocolate Genius

"Maggot Brain"- Funkadelic

"Toilet Tisha"- Outkast

"Condition of the Heart"- Prince

"Seems so Long"- Stevie Wonder

"Waltz .1"- Elliot Smith

"I Wish It was Me"- Tyrone Davis

"Holocaust"- Big Star

"I Can't Stay Away from You"- The Impressions

"I Get Along With Out You Very Well"- Nina Simone

"When Did You Stop Loving Me, When Did I Stop Loving You"- Marvin Gaye

"Love Sick"- Bob Dylan

"I am the Cosmos"- Chris Bell

"You Don't Know What Love Is" – Cassandra Wilson

"Sam Stone" – Swamp Dogg

"Hope She'll Be Happier" – Bill Withers

"Elenor Rigsby" – Beatles

"Brief Candles" – Zombies

"Stupid Again" – Chocolate Genius

"I Ain't Got Nothing" – Temptations

"Sunday Kind of Woman" – Charlie Rich

"Always On My Mind" – Willie Nelson

"Please Do Not Go" – Ryan Adams

"For All We Know" – Donny Hathaway

"All The Sad Young Men" – Roberta Flack

"Lilac Wine" – Nina Simone

"Billy Jack" – Curtis Mayfield

"Johnny Was" – Bob Marley

"Better off Dead" – Bill Withers

"I'd Rather Go Blind" – Clarence Carter

"I Can't Even Drink It Away" – Charlie Rich

"Butcher's Tale" – Zombies

"In the Ghetto" - Elvis (or Candi Stanton)

"Planet Rock" – Chocolate Genius

"Just Enough to Keep Me Hangin On" - Joe Simon

"Children of the Night" - Stylistics

"Ballad of Hollis Brown" - Bob Dylan (or Nina Simone)

"Giving Up" - Gladys Knight and the Pips

Now..... go cry yourself to sleep....
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Ok so I just jumped onboard this ship.  Another grand way to waste time at this job.  This site's not super intuitive even to an internet junkie like me, so today I've spend craploads of time just flipping around trying to figure out this mess....  Anyways, nobody is reading this so I'm out.
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